• Is your investigation team diverse, but lacking a standardised approach to planning and conducting investigative interviews?

  • Are members of your team using interviewing methods that don’t actually align with your agency’s Code of Ethics?

  • As a Team Leader, are you spotting evidential gaps in interview transcripts and witness statements?

  • Is your team using interview plans which lack strategic and tactical purpose?

  • Are your investigators interviewing using outdated and ad-hoc strategies which are not evidence-based?

IMS Training Programmes Featuring Online Training, Webinars and/or Online Interview Role-Play Exercises Will Enhance Your Agency’s Investigative Performance.

We are a global consulting company committed to helping client agencies to develop their investigative interviewing, both in terms of training and operational practice.

IMS works to influence investigative interviewing performance at an organisational level by professionalising the investigative interviewing performance of staff through technologically advanced online and face-to-face investigative interviewing training.

A Series of Practical, Virtual, Skill-Focused Programmes for Next-Day Implementation in Your Investigative Practice.

  • Undertake training tailored to YOUR agency’s investigative context.

  • Increase training impacts using technologically advanced eLearning content.

  • Achieved cost-effective training outcomes in shorter timescales with our asynchronous video-based eLearning content.

  • Allow your staff to develop a consistent and methodical approach to planning and conducting investigations and investigative interviews.

  • Enable your staff to conduct effective investigative interviews in which accurate and reliable information, intelligence and evidence can be obtained using research-proven methodologies.

  • Reduce interview durations by adopting clear objective-focused planning methodologies.

  • Increase the ability of your investigators to expose deception where it should occur in interviews with investigation subjects.

Training Can Be Delivered Through Part, or All, of a 3-Phased Approach Comprising:

Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing Course

An asynchronous video-based online investigative interviewing training course (total duration 5.5 hrs), undertaken at the delegate’s own pace.

The IMS Webinar Series

A series of follow-up live-streamed group workshops (up to 2.5 hrs per workshop) comprising one or more of the following subjects:

  • Remote Interviewing.
  • Trauma-Informed Approach to Interviewing.
  • Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Interviews.
  • Vulnerability-focused Interviews.
  • Interpreter Mediated Interviews.
  • Investigative Mindset & Decision Making.
  • Free Recall (cognitive) Interviewing Model.
  • Conversation Management - Subject Interview Strategies.
  • Strategic Management of Interviews in Complex Investigations.

Real-Time Interview Role-Play Exercises

A series of 1-on-1 experiential online interview role plays, in which each delegate is invited to undertake a witness and respondent interview module requiring them to:

  • Select an interview scenario of their choosing.
  • Plan and arrange the investigative interview using a fully automated online booking function.
  • Conduct the interview at a time and date convenient to them. 
  • Receive an audio/video recording of their online interview, together with written development feedback for their personal review.

Daren Jay, IMS Training Director

With a 30 year career behind him in law enforcement and government investigations, Daren Jay has served as a Senior Fraud and Corruption Investigator with the New South Wales (NSW) Government for 12 years. In addition he has held the appointment of Lecturer in Policing with Charles Sturt University (CSU), Australia for over 10 years. Daren is CSU’s lead Investigative Interviewing trainer and during his tenure he has designed, delivered and evaluated Investigative Interviewing training courses delivered to a range of state and federal government agencies in Australia including the Australian Tax Office, Fair Work Ombudsman, SafeWork South Australia and the Department of Community Services. Under Daren’s leadership IMS has delivered online and face-to-face investigative interviewing courses at a number of international institutions including the Westpac Group (Australia), the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg), the World Bank Group (Washington, D.C.) and several anti-corruption agencies within the European Union (EU). Daren is also regularly engaged as a forensic interviewing expert at international conferences and training programs. In recent months, Daren has been engaged as a consultant trainer to deliver investigative interviewing training sessions to medico-legal experts from the Australian Federal Professional Services Review (PSR) authority. Daren qualified as a UK Home Office Investigative Interview Trainer in 1996 and has been heavily involved in interviewing witnesses, victims and subjects in connection with a wide range of fraud and corruption in a number of jurisdictions. Working in his current role as a Senior Investigator in an administrative context, he is adept at working to the ‘balance of probabilities’ standard of proof and understands how to exploit every strategic and tactical opportunity to secure enhanced outcomes from interviews with witnesses, reporters and investigation subjects. Daren designed and developed the TILES System® – the world’s first Investigative Interviewing software solution which casts a digital footprint across an agency’s investigative interviewing workflow. The TILES System® is currently being used on every continent as an investigative interviewing management tool.
Daren Jay Presenting at Policing Conference

University Accredited Program of Study

The IMS Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing Program of Study has been recognised by Charles Sturt University (CSU) as eight (8) points of academic elective subject credit into the Master of Investigations program offered by the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security.

The IMS program of study incorporates the IMS Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing Course and is delivered across a 12-week period, and comprises the asynchronous online component, workbook completion, webinar series, online practical assessments, and a post-program reading and theory assignment.

Agency leads interested in making this academic pathway available to their staff are encouraged to reach out for syllabus and pricing details.

Student Feedback Consistently Highlights the Benefits of Increased Confidence Levels Developed Through a Consistent Approach to Planning and Preparing Investigative Interviews, Particularly Interviews With Investigation Subjects.

Click the PLAY button to watch a lesson from one of our courses to give you an idea of how IMS uses its proprietary TILES System interview management software to enhance students’ clarity of thinking around planning the structure and strategy of interviews with interviewees, particularly investigation subjects.

  • IMS Provides eLearning Support to FBI-Funded Research Study

    IMS is proud to be providing eLearning support to an FBI-funded research study administered by researchers from Newcastle University (Australia) and the University of New South Wales (Australia).

  • IMS Online Training Now Delivered to Federal Government Agencies

    IMS online training programmes are now delivered to federal government agencies in Australia in partnership with Charles Sturt University, the world's largest provider of university education in law enforcement, counter-terrorism, emergency management, customs and border security studies.

  • IMS eLearning Used to Support Investigative Interviewing Research

    IMS eLearning content is currently being used to support investigative interviewing research undertaken at the University of Applied Police Sciences, Brandenburg, Germany.

IMS is Proud to Have Provided Training and eLearning Content Services to the Following Forward-Thinking Agencies:

IMS is Proud to be Supporting Investigative Interviewing Research Projects Administered by Researchers With the Following Tertiary Academic Institutions:

By Eliminating Poor Investigation and Interviewing Practice,
Your Agency Will Be Able to:

  • Enhance the professionalism of its investigative staff.

  • Build confidence at an individual and team level.

  • Enable your staff to investigate and interview comprehensively using an investigative mindset to exploit opportunities to secure information, intelligence and evidence.

  • Enable your staff to adopt an objective-based approach to investigation meetings and interviews.

  • Increase the operational effectiveness of your investigation unit.


  • The training looks comprehensive. How do the hybrid programmes work?

    At IMS, we’ve worked out that agencies do not have the capacity to put delegates in the classroom for 5-day periods. Your operational context says that’s not an option, nor is it cost-effective in this day and age. Typically, a hybrid program will involve students completing a 5 ½ hour online study course up to 2-weeks prior to either a shortened 2 or 3-day training program. In breaking up the theory front-loading from the practical exercises featuring tailored role-play scenarios, feedback consistently shows that delegates learn and retain more and develop greater confidence in applying the newly acquired investigative interviewing skills. A final phase can be delivered featuring online role-play exercises in which your staff are able to complete tailored interview exercises based upon your own investigative context, receiving follow-up feedback to ensure opportunities to develop professional practice are maximised.

  • Our agency is responding to an increase in sexual harassment and related conduct matters. Can IMS tailor its Phase 2 webinar deliveries to focus on this particular business challenge?

    Absolutely. IMS has experience tailoring online investigations and investigative interviewing training for global clients facing many different business challenges. Whether it’s the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the World Bank, Washington D.C., or the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome, IMS can deliver a tailored training programme shaped to address the exact investigative challenges your team is facing.

  • We have a diverse range of staff drawn from a variety of investigative and legal backgrounds. How can we get all our staff on the same page?

    The secret behind the success of IMS as the leading provider of investigation and investigative interviewing training is our ability to engage with ALL types of learners, regardless of their experience and backgrounds. We’re told time and time again that the true value of our training programmes is that investigation unit members can quickly be taught a consistent approach to investigative interviews, without suppressing their own individual flair as investigators. The feedback is that consistency of approach is probably the biggest outcome that our clients rave about!

  • Your role-play exercises are held online. Can this type of training really be effective?

    Absolutely! IMS is a technology company at heart and we had become the industry leaders in online investigation and investigative interviewing training long before the pandemic struck. Your interviewers are now conducting witness and investigation interviews online by default, so why put them through face to face role plays? The online training is seamless, with each interview booked by the investigator when they’re ready to conduct the interview and at a time that suits them and their timezone. Automation technology sends a calendar invite with a Zoom (or other) meeting invite straight to their smart phone calendar. Online really is the new workplace!

  • I'm interested in making the University accredited IMS Program of Study available to my team. How does this program work?

    The IMS Program of Study has been accredited towards eight (8) points of academic elective subject credit in the Charles Sturt University’s Master of Investigations program. Agencies booking the 3-phased program comprising the Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing Course, the webinar series and the Real-time Interview Role-Play exercises, may nominate delegates to undertake the wider Program of Study. Nominated delegates will be awarded the relevant Credit on the basis that they are assessed as ‘Competent’ when completing their online practical interview assessments (Phase 3), and complete a coursebook, a post-program reading, and submit a two-part written assignment assessed at a post graduate standard.