TILES System User Induction

TILES System Induction

Course time: 28 minutes | taught by Daren Jay

Course description

Welcome to the TILES System® Induction site, brought to you by Interview Management Solutions (IMS). This induction is designed to introduce you to the TILES System® interview management software. 

The aims of the induction are to provide users with:

  • An overview of the TILES System® and its functionality, and;
  • An opportunity to follow a walk-through of the software, whilst also experiencing use of the software on a desktop PC or mac

The objectives of this induction are that by the end of the presentations, you will:

  • Be familiar with the workflow of the software
  • Understand the functionality and capability of the software
The TILES System® is a new-to-market disruptive technology and user feedback on the end-user experience is welcomed. Users are encouraged to report feedback to Interview Management Solutions (IMS) via email to:

Daren Jay
Daren Jay

Daren qualified as an Investigative Interview Trainer in 1996 and has been heavily involved in interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects in connection with a wide range of criminal offences including sexual offences and other offences against the person. In 2005, Daren qualified as a UK Home Office Tier 3 Video Interviewer enabling him to video interview adults, children and other vulnerable persons in relation to child abuse offences and other serious sexual offences.

Daren is presently employed as a Senior Fraud and Corruption Investigator with a NSW Government Transport Agency, where he is responsible for the detection and investigation of fraud and corruption impacting a number of business divisions including Finance and Procurement.

Daren’s operational experience is supported by an academic profile which includes a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Policing and Police Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management, and Diplomas in Government Investigations, Government Fraud Control and Security and Risk Management.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
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The Summary Screen
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The Timeline Screen
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The Map Screen
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Induction Summary
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