Your Current Paper-Based Interview Plans Are Never Fit for Purpose! They:

  • Offer limited flexibility in managing information, evidence, maps and timelines.

  • Follow a linear path which is exactly what your interview conversation ISN’T likely to do!

  • Can be lost or destroyed.

  • Limit the ability for you to effectively work in collaboration with other investigators or supervisors.


Easy-to-use software enabling you to:

  • Interview Confidently

    Interview with absolute confidence.

  • Plan with Clarity

    Plan your next investigative interview with strategic clarity, ensuring ALL evidential opportunities are exploited.

  • Access Evidence

    Place all evidence at your fingertips, ready to use instantly when you need it!

  • Process Information

    View the investigation timeline and map to quickly aid your understanding of new information.

  • Collaborate Securely

    Collaborate seamlessly with remote colleagues behind bank-grade SSL security.

  • Strategize

    Develop your clarity of thinking about the purpose, structure, and strategy of your next investigative interview.

Learn How to Use the TILES System to:

  • Create an interview plan for your next interview.

  • Edit your plan to ensure it remains strategically fit for purpose.

  • Master the timeline and mapping functionality to quickly develop a clearer picture of the investigative context.

  • Work in collaboration with a colleague, securely and more effectively.

  • Set a clear strategic plan designed to expose deception in any investigative interview.

With this FREE TRAINING, You’ll Develop Your Understanding of:

  • An overview of the TILES System® and its functionality.

  • The Interview homescreen ‘engine room’ of the software.

  • The workflow of the software and its relationship with the PEACE model of investigative interviewing.

  • Timeline and mapping functionality.

  • Evaluation and exporting interview reports.

  • All of This Within: 27-minutes of video based training (and) 19 x quickfire lessons.

Meet Daren Jay,
your investigative interviewing mentor!

Thanks for checking in on this software induction course. I’m the creator of the TILES System, a software that you can use for FREE to plan, conduct and evaluate your investigative interviews in any investigative context.

As an investigator, you’re more than likely aware that interviewers are still planning and preparing for complex investigative interviews using linear word documents and other paper-based forms such as (often poorly copied) pdfs. These can quickly become messy documents that are inflexible and thus fail to keep up with the natural flow of forensic conversation.

This fast-flowing flow of interview conversation often renders paper-based interview plans redundant. That normally means that interviewers lose confidence and the interview becomes fragmented.

Having spent over twenty-years training law enforcement officers how to investigate and interview witnesses, complainants, and suspects, I’ve seen how ineffective interview plans can negatively impact interview outcomes.

Lines of inquiry get missed, evidence is overlooked, and strategy … well, don’t even get me started on strategy!!

A couple of years ago I realised that investigations were becoming increasingly complex and the utility of paper-based interview plans had expired. They weren’t effective and as a result, many Detectives and uniformed Police officers weren’t even bothering to plan ahead of investigative interviews. You can probably anticipate the investigative quality of an unplanned investigative interview!

I set about imagining what a digital solution might look like. I challenged myself to look beyond what had always been done and I dared to ask myself, if we started again, from scratch, what would an interview planning methodology look like?

Drawing upon an evidence-based approach to investigative interviewing, I designed the TILES System interview management software to bring investigative interviewing into the 21st century.

The software is now being used by investigators around the world to enhance investigative outcomes at interviews with witnesses, complainants, and suspects in various investigative contexts.

I hope that you will find the induction course useful. Please reach out if you have any comments, questions, or feedback in respect of the software’s functionality!


[email protected]

Is This Induction Right for You?

If you haven’t used the TILES System before, or you haven’t been trained in its utility, this course is worth the 27-minute investment if you’d like to get up and running with the software.

If you’re looking for assistance purely with investigative interviewing training, you probably don’t need to take this induction right now. 

If that’s the case, please check out our other Free and paid courses on investigative interviewing and reach out if you have any questions about how we may be able to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Notes recorded during an interview should be retained for the purposes of disclosure in most jurisdictions. Are TILES System® interview records admissible in court or similar proceedings?

    Absolutely. The forensic robustness of the TILES System® was given key focus throughout the application’s design process. In much the same way that a digital photograph can now be authenticated, each software action undertaken by the TILES System® is recorded within a digitally signed read-only Forensic Log Table. The Interview Report and Forensic Log Table can be exported and retained for forensic scrutiny if required. Significantly, the exported Interview Report which details all notes made and attributed to the interviewee, together with timeline and mapping data can be used immediately as an instantly searchable briefing tool.

  • Will my organisation’s data be secure?

    Yes. The security of personal and other sensitive data is of the utmost importance to us at IMS. The requirement to keep your information secure has underpinned every design stage of the TILES System®. The TILES System® is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, offering peace of mind and a trusted framework on which to manage secure cloud based applications within a 24 hour monitored physical security environment. The TILES System® is locked behind Comodo technology featuring 256-bit SSL data encryption ensuring ‘bank grade’ security for all data transmissions. The agile nature of the TILES System® architecture means that where required, enterprise clients can deploy the system on their own servers achieving compliance with in-house Information Technology (IT) security governance standards.

  • Where is my data held?

    The secure Microsoft Azure servers on which the TILES™ system is deployed are located in the Netherlands (Europe) and Australia. Advanced Domain Name Servers (DNS) Traffic Management protocols ensure that clients are automatically routed to their ‘local’ server. Client users in the UK for example, are automatically directed to Azure servers in the Netherlands and so can be confident of maintaining data protection compliance in accordance with European Union directive 95/46EC and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

  • Where within the TILES System® does the value lay?

    The TILES System® provides value across every stage of the interview process. Pre-interview, the TILES System® delivers a formalised framework within which interviewers can prepare a strategic interview plan comprising clear objectives mapped to each phase of the interview. Once the interview strategy has been prepared, users can add tactical notes designed to assist in the execution of the overarching plan. The availability of hyperlinked documents and mapping and timeline data combine mid-interview to deliver a strategic advantage for the interviewing team who are now able to manage conversation and evidence in synergy. Post-interview, the exported Interview Report provides interviewers and supervisors with a readily searchable working document or briefing tool.

  • I work in a specialised investigative capacity. Is it possible to customise individual TILES prompt menus to reflect my operational and investigative context?

    Yes. There are seven individual TILES, each of which are prefixed with the first two letters of the topic type; ‘Occurrence’, ‘Person’, ‘Place’, ‘Vehicle’, ‘Property’, ‘Evidential’ & ‘Entity’. Pro users are able to access TILES default settings and fully customise prompt menus within each topic type to suit their own needs or even add additional TILES. A financial crime investigator for example, may wish to create a ‘Transaction’ TILE with the pre-fix ‘TR’ populated with tailored topic hints or ‘prompts’. Whether you are in Law Enforcement or working in insurance fraud, air accident investigation or government compliance, the TILES System® can be fully customised to suit your own investigative context.

  • Can the TILES System® be deployed in the training environment?

    Absolutely. TILES has already been used as a training aid in the tertiary setting and the feedback has been extremely positive. When delivering theoretical investigative interviewing training covering areas such as the three interview areas and the strategic use of evidence, TILES seems to really appeal to students, which is no surprise given that the brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text and over 60% of us are ‘visual learners’. A carefully structured session using the flexibility of the TILES System’s Interview Home screen certainly improves upon the traditional but messy whiteboard session! With the digital age upon us, the TILES System® can be exploited to great effect as a hybrid ‘face to face’ or ‘distance education’ training resource. Training organisations interested in using the TILES™ system as a training resource are requested to refer to the IMS ‘Terms of Service for End Users’ to ensure compliance with para. 5 – ‘Use and Restrictions’.

The TILES system is very logical and will streamline the actual interview process.

Angelino Schintu, Private Investigator

“I imagine most participants will flow through the learning from the perspective of their own particular circumstances. I found that I already knew some of the theory sections and some of the interview process modules were familiar from other learning. However, the terminology and context was different enough to make it significantly interesting and useful. The presentation was clear and well paced. The TILES system is very logical and will streamline the actual interview process. I look forward to integrating this learning into my day to day workflow.”