Time and Time Again...
We Hear Investigators Say,
“Interviewing is hard! I lack confidence and
I never seem to have a proper plan.”

Interviews can be complex, and with so much going on it can be easy to:

  • Overlook Lines of Enquiry

  • Lose Track of Your Plan

  • Lose Confidence

  • Become Confused and Lose Direction

  • Suffer Anxiety and Stress

  • Fail to Reach the Investigative Objectives
    of the Interview

Imagine ...

  • Being able to plan and interview confidently and thoroughly.

  • Interviewing ethically, to obtain accurate and reliable information from witnesses, victims and persons of interest (suspects).

  • Engaging in the Strategic Use of Evidence (SUE), to better expose deception where it occurs.

  • Building your confidence, enabling you to manage ALL types of interviewees and third-parties, regardless of the investigative context.

IMS is Trusted to Provide Online Investigative Interviewing Training Services to Universities, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies Around the World.

With a growing list of international clients including the World Bank (Washington D.C.), the Indian Police Service (Hyderabad) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (Rome) you can be sure that the theory covered on this course is evidence-based and delivered via the most technologically-advanced eLearning methods available.

We train the Police how to interview. You’re in safe hands.

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By Completing the IMS
Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing Course, You’ll..

  • Learn how to manage third-parties at interviews so that you can manage lawyers and support persons with confidence.

  • Deploy an ‘open-mindset’ so that you can plan for investigative interviews thoroughly using a methodical and transparent planning process.

  • Understand how to structure an investigative interview so that you can interview confidently and thoroughly.

  • Develop an understanding of memory and the psychology of interviewing so that you can manage your interviewees to increase the chances of obtaining accurate and reliable information.

  • Conduct professional interviews so that you can obtain high-quality material, information and evidence during interviews.

Enroll Today and Receive Instant Access to:

13 Core Modules

46 Video Lessons covering:


Vulnerable & Intimidated Interviewees

Planning & Preparation





Third-party Management

The interview models

The Free Recall Model

The Conversation Management Framework

Interview Evaluation

Knowledge check quizzes and reflection tasks

13 PowerPoint presentations

Audio presentations and readings!

Plus, upon successful completion of the course you will also receive:

A digital printable certificate that can be hosted to LinkedIn, or your other social profiles.

Access to the IMS Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing Facebook group enabling exchange of ideas and techniques with like-minded professional investigators.

Meet Daren Jay,
Your Investigative Interviewing Mentor!

Hey I know exactly why you’re here! When I started my career in law enforcement 35 years ago, I actually wasn’t that hot at interviewing! I remember it was difficult to stay on track and manage conversations. With competing priorities and tasks at hand, it was easy to lose direction in an interview, miss lines of enquiry and overlook evidence and information.

With the benefit of heaps of specialist courses and lots of experience, things turned around and looking back, many of the issues I experienced centered around the lack of a clear planning method and a lack of personal confidence. I worked out that if you plan your interview comprehensively, using a simple to follow methodology, the confidence will be there! Planning and confidence go hand in hand and all but guarantee your interview is going to be successful.

For the past 12 years, I have been working as a Senior Fraud and Corruption Investigator with the New South Wales (NSW) Government in Australia. In the same period, I've also been appointed as a Lecturer in Policing with Charles Sturt University (CSU), the world's largest provider of university education in law enforcement, counter-terrorism, emergency management, customs and border security. At CSU I'm the University's lead Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Investigative Interviewing and I've had experience in designing and delivering Investigative Interviewing short courses and programmes for State and Federal agencies across many jurisdictions.

Having trained law enforcement officers around the world both online and face-to-face for over 10 years now, I’ve been fortunate enough not just to teach investigative interviewing, but I’ve been able to watch how students absorb the subject theory and go on to develop their understanding and knowledge of interviewing and the accompanying psychological principles.

As a result of my observations, I’ve engineered a simple but methodical approach to teaching investigative interviewing so that it’s understood both in terms of theoretical concepts AND practical application.

Add to the mix a proprietary investigative interviewing software that I developed (more about that later!), I’ve been able to create this technologically advanced online investigative interviewing course which will develop your understanding of the theory and enhance your investigative interviewing skills, in any investigative context.

Every aspect of the IMS Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing course maps back to interview planning and interview confidence. Let’s get those two aspects of your investigative interviewing skill-set nailed!

I look forward to seeing you in the course!

There Is a Chance That This Course May Not Be for You, Which Is Absolutely Fine. What This Course WON'T Do for You:

  • You won't learn how to interpret body-language to decide whether someone's lying or not (it's unreliable).

  • You won't learn how to interrupt denials (it's unethical), and;

  • You won't learn how to make someone confess (that's unethical too).

What This Course Will Do for You:

  • Interview Ethically

    Allow you to interview ethically, to obtain accurate and reliable information from witnesses, victims and investigation subjects.

  • Interview with Confidence

    Leave you able to interview confidently and thoroughly.

  • Expose Deception

    Leave you able to engage in the Strategic Use of Evidence (SUE), to better expose deception where it occurs.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Develop Your Investigative Interviewing Ability Enabling You to:

  • Demonstrate an open-mindset through the use of comprehensive and transparent planning methodologies.

  • Instil confidence and trust amongst your interviewees and wider stakeholders (Union representatives/Appropriate Adults etc.).

  • Enable more comprehensive investigation outcomes to be achieved.

Investigators Love to Ask
These 3 questions…

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes! We’re so confident about the quality of this course that we offer a 30-day full money back guarantee. The IMS Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing course has been undertaken by Investigators from international organisations such as the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (Ukraine), the World Bank (Washington D.C) and the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg). The course is also delivered in collaboration with a number of leading Universities in the UK, Australia and Germany. That said, if it’s not what you had in mind, let us know within 30-days of your purchase and we’ll give you a full refund. No argument.

  • Can I have a sneak-peak?

    No, but we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so it’s really risk-free!

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes! You can pay in full for US $479, or pay in 3 monthly installments of US $165.

I would recommend this course to anyone who conducts interviews.

Karl Howard, Investigator, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, South Australia

“I felt that the course promotes confidence which can only result in more effective interviews and better results. I would recommend this course to anyone who conducts interviews.”

This course taught me so much about what it means to be a successful interviewer.

Danielle Bousquet, Masters Student, Newcastle University, UK

"This course taught me so much about what it means to be a successful interviewer. I particularly enjoyed the examples, those were extremely helpful for seeing the theory into action, and for referencing what an excellent interviewer looks like. The teaching delivery was effective as well, I enjoyed the videos alongside the powerpoints and audio."

The Professional Investigators interviewing course was groundbreaking for me.

Mark Barraclough, ER Investigation Lead, AstraZeneca (UK)

“The Professional Investigators interviewing course was groundbreaking for me. Daren Jay briefs you on the psychology of memory and introduces you to simple yet powerful interview methodologies such as context reinstatement, the free recall and conversation management models to maximise evidential outcomes through the strategic use of evidence.”